Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tired and Lazy Day

Some days, you set goals for, and never reach a one.

Got bills paid though, and decided it was time to car insurance shop, since our rates just skyrocketed. Like a $50 a month jump, without any changes, no accidents, no tickets - just a cost increase.  So daughter and I have been shopping around today.

Only one egg today - a big one. Looks like someone had a rough time with it too, But behinds are all happy looking, and they happily did yard time. The rest of the week should be warmer - a LOT warmer according to - in the 40s starting Friday, as high as 49 next Tuesday!  Will be taking a lot of outside advantage of the weather, that's for sure.

I am going to try putting part of the Christmas tree where the girls can get at it - apparently chickens like it. We'll see.

But of things to share for today - looks like a new free online magazine for homesteaders is coming out soon - "From Scratch" - here's the link to sign up to get it. From Scratch Magazine

Also found this article - apologies, but I just cannot remember who posted it originally today - sorry!  It's things to have on hand that are non food, non perishable items.  A decent list.They did make a disclaimer about not including camping stuff, pots and pans, etc - so if you have things to add to the list, please let me know! Here's the article -37 non food items to hoard.

Well, time to decide dinner and the rest of the evening.  The lazy day had to come to an end sometime!

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