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This is the page where I will be putting all kinds of links to good things - projects to try, lists already compiled, free things to help you get where you want to be, and most importantly, a place for me to stick all these things so I stop losing them in my facebook!  Why doesn't facebook come up with a portion of your page where you can stick links you want to keep anyway?  Well, since they haven't, it's all going here.

Oh, and I went through and set these all to open in their own window.

Make Your Own Bowl Covers  - remember the kind that grandma used to use all the time? Yeah, we can make them too!  Instructions for making bowl covers

Don't Fear Expired Foods - I've eaten things that are years past date, and it turns out, some of the canned goods recovered from the Steamship Arabia in Omaha were added to this study - and those goods were just fine as well!  I will add one thing to this article they did not - if the can is bulging, and not from being dented - toss it.  That can is compromised.  If it smells bad (sauerkraut always smells bad, doesn't count), at least in the canned foods, don't eat it.  They talked about meats and milk that smell bad - yeah, likely edible, but fir now, I'll pass.  So here's the article- Don't Fear Expired Foods

Non Monsanto Seeds - this here is an excellent example of not repeating the perfectly good efforts of someone else. Her's a list of seed companies that sell Monsanto seeds, and an even bigger list of seed companies that sell seeds that won't turn you into a mutant.Where to buy good seeds

Make your Own Cheese - Semi local guy who carries supplies, does classes about making your own cheese at home.  Rich's Cheese

Make your Own Soft Soap - I have many scrap bars of soap that I would love to make into soft soap, but never before found a recipe for.  Here's one. Make your own liquid soap.

How to Freeze Eggs  - Yep, you can do it, just not in the shell. Here's a humorous accounting of how to do so. Freezing Eggs

Permaculture and Homesteading Collection - These folks have an amazing collection of useful and helpful books, documentaries, podcasts and videos - go check them out! Permaculture Media Blog

Hand Pollinating Your Squash - A brilliant idea, and one I'd wished I'd known this last summer.  Full of photos on the how to - check it out here! Grow Squash Grow!

Drying Strawberries - A step by step guide to dry strawberries for future eats!  A project we're going to try real soon! Preserving Strawberries at Home.

A Guideline for Buying in Bulk - How to make the most of your money and get the best products.This is a downloadable PDF.   Buying in Bulk: A Beginner's Guide

20 Unusual Uses for Olive Oil

20 Unusual Uses for Salt

20 Unusual Uses for Garlic

20 Unusual Uses for Baking Soda

20 Unusual Uses for Wine

20 Unusual Uses for Coffee

20 Unusual Uses for Honey

20 Unusual Uses for Lemon Juice

Knot Gonna Tie It?  Now you can with this very nice knot resource. They show you how the knot should look and how to tie it.

What Chicken Breed is Best for Me? Wondering what breed is best for your climate, living space, production? This is a great list of the birds available, with pictures,   Easily customizable search. Chicken Breeds.

Chicken Checkup List - keep your boys and girls healthy and happy!  Plus, there is a bonus ointment recipe!  9 Point Chicken Checkup

Make Your Own Beeswax Cloths - remember how grandma used to wrap sandwiches in waxed paper? here's a reusable version!  Make your own beeswax food cloths

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