Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Freezing Whitefish Salad

Every couple of Christmases, my dad brings along a tub of this excellent Whitefish salad he gets from one of the businesses he repairs machinery for.  Awesome stuff, usually gulped down as fast as you can serve it up. But since we did an early Christmas this year while my son was home on leave (he's a Marine), there were only 5 of us. And while we've put a dent in it, it's still two thirds full.  Now it lasts a long time, but we weren't sure if we could freeze it or not, since it does contain mayonnaise.

Here's the brand and what it looks like - I know, it's not particularly appealing looking, but it does taste very good!

So I'm doing a trail run.  I've taken my smallest Rubbermaid container and packed it, and I've stuffed it in the freezer. I'll leave it a few days, see how it thaws.  May just be we need to keep eating whitefish for a while!

BTW, if you ever do try this, by pure accident we found that it goes wonderfully with Wheat Thins sun dried tomato and basil flavor!

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  1. Well, what happened? I'm having the same issue with too much whitefish salad and am not sure if I can freeze it. Did it work ok?