Thursday, January 17, 2013

They've Got Us Surrounded!

Sounds ominous, doesn't it? Those of you who read the Facebook page are wondering just what I mean, because I've said NOTHING about this at all today - it's been a rather normal day - what does she mean??


The weather is warmer again, some of the plants have a bit of sap flowing, and the deer are all over our yard.  No fences, except the chicken stockade and the dog run, so it's an easy wander through our yard, and on to other places.

This close to the house.  Go ahead, ladies - eat that bush so I don't have to clear it -I hate those bushes.  They usually get this close and closer to the house, but the dogs were i the run trying to be intimidating.  Note to dogs - barking with your head up and tail wagging? NOT intimidating.  The deer know it too, and ignored you.

There must be fresh green stuff at the base of these bushes.

This girl was originally eating the mistletoe out of the tree. Good.

Right off the front deck.

A little better prespective - I'm standing with my back against the front door.

Yes, we're over here too. When you gonna take those Christmas lights down?

A couple videos as well.

They were accompanied by a couple of youngish bucks - a four pointer and a two pointer.  Those guys scouted us out yesterday afternoon.  One of the deer was in front of the garage eating the scratch from the last time the chickens had been out front.  The two pointer has a broken antler, and since he's hanging out with the girls, I'm going to assume he won the mating battle.

In total, we counted eight, though they were spread out and they could have been on the other side of the rise in our neighbors yard, or across the road.

Normal day, this time of year.  Doesn't stop us from getting the cameras out though.

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