Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Don't Blink Or You Miss It Kind Of Day Part Two

I went back out at quarter to five, to retake some pictures to show you the snowmelt.  Dramatic, eh?  Going From 5-6 inches to bare dirt in some places.

Yes, I did take this today.  Yes, that is green grass at 8300 feet in February.  This is, however, a rather protected and warm spot in the dog run.

Remember how the dog run was already melting this morning?

You can always tell where the trees and the house shade things.

A Followup Post: Freezing Whitefish Salad

I wrote this a while back -

and never followed up.  Well, I am.  It was not pretty.  It got runny and nasty looking, the texture was not good.  The flavor was fine, but I would not recommend doing it again.

Don't Blink Or You Miss It Kind Of Day

Last night it snowed.  One of those snows that falls wet and heavy and fast; large amounts of accumulation can break trees, down power lines, damage homes.  But last night was only about 5-6 inches of snow.

And it was definitely a blink or you miss it snow.  The ground underneath is still warm, so it starts to melt as it is accumulating.  It's pretty easy to shovel right down to dirt.  not that you need to, because when the sun comes out, the snow starts to melt right away.  At 1pm, the driveway is already melted and the road is mostly melted.  Almost all the snow in the trees has fallen, and mud is the new order of the day.

A very typical spring snow.

So while Husband took care of the chickens, I wandered around the property and up the road, to get the beauty of snow of snow on such a warm morning captured for all to enjoy.

Tiny helper - trying to help dad take care of things in the chicken run.

Snow already melting in the dog run.

Second assistant, keeping an eye on the world from on top of the tank house.

No traffic on our part of the road yet.

The other wood piles