Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting Ready for the Snow

Today, we spend some time doing some of the outdoor things that needed to be finished in order to get ready for Winter Storm Gandalf. Why is it called Gandalf? I'm not exactly sure, even though tried to explain it.  This storm has been talked up as a big deal; but looking at the weather maps, we'll be lucky if we see 3 inches of snow.

Oh well, the chores needed to be done anyway.  It was cloudy most of the day, and one of those days where the temperature keeps fluctuating up and down; It was cold but not too bad when I went out to stack wood, but when husband went out to clean the dog run it was much colder! And then, when it came time to let the chickens out, suddenly warmer again! I got the woodboxes filled full anyway, and the rack outside the door out of the snow blow area is full, just in case it is needed.

I was a day of stoking the woodstove, and making creamy wheats to fill our bellies and keep us warm. Dinner came in the form of a very large package of chicken thighs,cooked with just some salt and pepper, stuffing and peaches. Enough leftovers for a few more meals, just as with the cabbage rolls.

It's amazing how much the weather can change in so short a time - just yesterday, husband and I went out and about, enjoying the warm weather - over 50 degrees and sunny.  Today, mainly cloudy in the 30s, to go down even more overnight.

The chickens noted the weather change as well - they happily spent longer than normal out yesterday afternoon pecking and scratching, but today, they were ready to come in after just an hour.  When they stand at the door and peck at it, you know it's time to come in.

Four eggs yesterday, and four today - a wintertime record so far! I don't know if it was helped by a couple days of warmer weather, or by the fruits and veggies we've been giving them to supplement their regular diets (strawberry tops and fresh cabbage) but either way, we'll gratefully take the eggs.  Feather regrowth after the molt is going splendidly; Bird Flu looks more like a porcupine than ever!

Some of the seeds I planted for the "chicken salad" chicken treat have already sprouted. I don't know how well you can see them, but here's a picture:

Our tin can garden is going strong as well - the peas are climbing, and the tomatoes are getting much bigger.

We even have new pea sprouts just starting up out of the dirt - can you see them? The green in the front two cans!

I also started a granny square baby blanket today - it is one large square.  It's about 1/3 of the way done already - I may be finished tomorrow.

Aruba Sea, Perfect Pink and Lavender are the colors.  Is it for anyone specific? we'll see!  

I also mostly finished a small doll - the body is crocheted, but the face needs to be embroidered - I'll show you as soon as I finish her!

Tomorrow, we try recycling soap. I'll keep you up to date on the snow as well.

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