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The things I've made page - things I've made for and since Christmas of 2012.  A place for pictures, descriptions, and even patterns for the interested.  And if you like what you see, know that I always do custom orders, and I do have a shop where I sell things - I will be branching out with these shops, hitting new venues as well.  For now, here is my shop - Pink Turtle Creations on Etsy

These are an OLM.  An Olm is an underwater creature, much like a salamander.  A friend of a friend asked me to make one of these for her son for Christmas.  Here's the end result!

My sister and I came up with this for my dad for Christmas.
Think about it - you'll get it.
Burner stand for part of a toy plushie chemistry set I'm making.
The owl isn't part of it - lol!

The Granny square baby blanket - now finished.

A set of plastic canvas round boxes - they look like ice.

More parts for the chemistry set.

We're calling him a wierdling tripod.  Started as something else, ended here.

Yeah, not really sure what this is.

Special order custom wormie!

New camera buddy for work - it goes around the end of my tube style camera, to help kids look in the right place.  Needed to make a new one with HUGE eyes so they could see them. Sparkly doesn't hurt either.

I'm a big fan for 30s and 40s vintage embroidery patterns, so I make a lot from those.  I made this one for my sister for her birthday - a dishtowel.

 Some vintage styled whales.

An assortment of pot holders:

A couple of bird decorations:

A couple of cross stitch pieces:

And of course, even more toys:

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