Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Time to Cut The Wood and The Rest of Our Day

Today was time to cut the wood day.  So later this afternoon, we went out, set up the saw, let the dogs out to roam, let the chickens into the run, and I got to work.  Two plus hours of cutting wood, interrupted by a break to clean the poop board and feed the chickens, and convince them to it was time to go in.  Most didn't take much convincing, but Bird Flu and Baby decided that I was in the wrong.  Only took 10 minutes to convince Bird Flu to go in, but Baby decided the best fun would be to have me follow her around the run for close to 20 minutes before giving up and going in.

By then, the dogs wanted in as well, so I let them in.

Back to cutting the wood.  On a good note, I managed to get through the whole pile of downed trees. On a lesser note, that pile didn't make a whole lot of cut wood, because most of the wood was aspen wood - trees anywhere from 2 inches in diameter to 6 inches. But there is a decent pile.  Next cutting is the stack of mostly cut and split pine; this needs to be cut smaller for the cookstove.

There's still plenty of downed trees, or standing dead still on the property to take down; we shouldn't run out this year.  In the spring, on the free slash clearing days, I plan to put an ad in the online forums for anyone's trees - I never pass up free wood. I saw so many whole, debranched trees go tot he high school for the slash piles - this year, I need to either pick some of it up, or see if I can get people to drop it off in exchange for eggs or baked goods.

I found some worm eaten aspen - I don't know what kind of bug it was, but it is something I need to keep watch for. At least we don't have the right trees for the pine beetles.

I finished cutting in the twilight; I filled the woodbox from the newly cut pile and it was almost dark.  I put the saw away just in time to hear a lone coyote howling, fairly close.  Made me glass the girls were already in for the night.

The funniest part of the day? I started cutting wood with some of the pieces that needed to be shortened.  Even though I was on the far side of the house, the chickens could clearly hear me and were curious - as I went to pick up another piece of wood, they were all at the fence looking at me.  They did that for several more pieces of wood, until I my noise was no longer interesting.  Sad when gravel becomes more interesting that you!

The only part I dislike about cutting wood is being covered in sawdust.  I brush off, take my clothes off near the back room door to keep the lingering sawdust in one place, and go take a shower.  Afterward, my face feels like its been sandpapered for a while, but then it is rather smooth.  Sawdust exfoliant - I don't recommend it.

Another section of the day was spent trying to track down a package that'd I'd mailed, was said to be delivered, but no.  That's just sooo much fun.  Yes, that is sarcasm.

Two eggs again today. This time, one of the Leghorns laid - they seem to be the ones who have cut down on egg production the most.

Scruffy Bird Flu says Hi!

Tomorrow? Stack the wood.

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