Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Egg Count

Since I wasn't posting on here every day like originally intended, we went to the kitchen calendar instead, listing the number of eggs per day.  I've gone back and added up all the eggs the girls managed for the last two months.

November 2012 - 154 eggs  - with two missed days no eggs were recorded.

December 2012 - 132 eggs

That's a lot of eggs for eight - now seven - girls!  (As you may remember, a fox took one of my New Hampshire Reds.)

And this during the winter.

It does seem to be averaging about 3 eggs a day right now out of the seven; it has been rather cold, and even when they do go out to peck, they don't stay out very long.  Ever seen a cold chicken do the cold foot dance? Funny, but makes you want to take them in right away!  So I do.  Especially since we have some molting going on for one of the girls - she looks all grey, because she kept her under feathers, but lost her top feathers. And she's all prickly like a porcupine as her feather tubes are growing in. She seems to be changing color a bit too.

We've sold some eggs, given more eggs away, and eaten a lot.  I never realized how many eggs we actually do eat until they started laying.

Well, there's the promised egg count.

Today? Two.

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