Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Discussion About Copyright

Apparently, then needs to be said once again. A fellow blogger and chicken fan, The Chicken Chick, has had some of her work stolen and posted on someone else's blog, verbatim.  This is not how we help each other, folks.  The Chicken Chick spends a great deal of time on the articles she writes, comes at them from an informed place, and writes so that the articles are easily understood even by a chicken beginner.

I like her work.  I have posted links to her blog on my affiliated Facebook page, I have tried out a recipe of hers and linked right back to her page.  I have her here in the links. She does something I don't do.

This happens to other people too -  I've had it happen to me.Folks, this is NEVER cool or acceptable. People put time and energy and often a great deal of research into their writing. That makes it theirs. Just because it is on the internet does NOT mean it is public domain- the writer still retains ALL copyright over that work.

Share links to people's work - go ahead and do that all day long. It helps the author, because many of us are earning at least a little income from our work. Post it on your Facebook pages, put the link in your blog, write a short blurb about the article. But RESPECT THE ORIGINAL AUTHOR AND DO NOT CLAIM THE WORK AS YOUR OWN.

I've had my own work stolen before, and it sucks. Know that if I see you have stolen someone else's work, I will report you to the original author and the management of your blog. The blog sites uphold DMCA, and so do I.

Enjoy our work, share our work, but don't steal our work. Thanks.

Edit: In case you don't know what DMCA is, it's the Digital Millenium Copyright Act.  Follow the link to read up on it. It is a PDF, you will need a reader for it.

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