Saturday, January 10, 2015

Posts From Our Facebook Page for the week of January 4th- 10th, 2015

January 4th -

After the snow, ice, accidents and single digit weather of yesterday, we're heading into sunshine, blue skies, mid 30s today, and nearly 50 degrees tomorrow!

January 6th -

45 degrees, snow is melting and today - no wind! I can handle this!

January 7th -
The sun is coming out, but humidity is so high here today that everything looks sugar frosted. A beautiful day so far; fog and snow down the hill, however!

January 8th -

I got a surprise going out to the coop this morning! Not only is today supposed to get up to 51 here in the mountains, but when I opened the run gate, I saw a Christmas tree!

I took our tree down yesterday, and took it outside in the stand to take apart later. I was surprised with how fresh it still is. It appears my husband stuck it in the run yesterday evening!

Some chickens are thrilled with it - several decided to peck at it. The rest ignored it. All except for poor old Baby, who took one look at it and ran back into the coop. She'll get over it. Baby just does not like surprises.

January 10th -

Last night, we were watching a movie. Now, our dogs (with exception of small dog) usually do not react to animals sounds on the TV, but this one got middle dog going big time.

The woman in the movie had a small peeping chick.

Middle dog pops us and stares at us first. After determining that we did not have a new friend for him to love, he checked the finch cage, and then checked all around the TV. It was so sweet and cute to see him looking for his normal spring buddies.

Few more months, my friend. A few more months.

Who's the chicken addict in our house?

January 10th -

Took advantage of the day being almost 50 out- Husband cleaned the dog run, I fixed a hole in the fence where "someone" dug out - again. We cleaned the coop, got the chickens out running about for a time, and took a load to the dump. Also managed to collect more kindling, since we might want a fire tomorrow - supposed to snow again!

Body is rebelling against that much work after being sick, but we took it slow in order to get it all done.

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