Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Day At Humphrey Memorial Park and Museum

This last weekend, we went to a local museum.  I know, I know, lived here how many years and never gone before?  Well, now we have, and it is awesome.  Originally a ranch, the property was owned until 1995 and them left as a memorial museum.  It is not large, but it is PACKED.  The grounds are great too.

Here's the article on it - http://www.examiner.com/review/humphrey-memorial-park-and-museum-unique-history-the-mountains

And now? The pictures...

The goat and chicken Barn

The goats!

A Chicken!

Another house on the property (look for future articles about it!)

The main house - I know, sometimes I just can't manage a straight picture!

Side door, built in bench, and a cat!

Back of the house

Toadstool seats, so there is always a place to sit.

Front of the house

Front gate

View from the garage, back of the house and the cattery


Parlor and entry to the library

Piano rolls for the player piano in the parlor

Grandma's bedroom

Propane stove in front of the old fireplace

Part of the library. a narrow space, but jam packed with books and a desk.

Dining room with just some of the china collections

Hazel Humphrey's cat collection

More Cats!

Did I say cats?

All of the things were left in the house belonging to the family, including this collection of vintage fabrics!

The original electric lamps; I believe they still work too!

Leatherworking done on wood for an awesome effect.

The Indian room

In the Mexican room.  Added later, and instead of taking out the windows, doors were put on the outside and shelves added to store more collections!

The kitchen cabinets are full of china sets too!

Original kitchen, with the flour and sugar bins in table. I could love this kitchen!


My great grandmother had some of these pieces.

Pantry storage - everything you can think of.

Wooden strawberry bins - when's the last time you saw these?

Jars, jars, jars... looks like a shelf in my basement...

Canned foods from the 50s, 60s, 70s, etc- recognize some of the labels?

This orange has a crush - get it?

I love the clothes pins. And I'd never considered redying your stockings.

This washing machine is the ONLY thing not original to the house.

So many more things, so little time. The hat collection alone could keep me busy for a day.  I'll be back to take more photos - muhhahaha!

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