Saturday, January 3, 2015

Posts From Our Facebook Page For The week of December 28th, 2014 - January 3rd, 2015

December 29th -
As part of our sick day here, I played with one of my Christmas presents- teeny tiny "lego" style blocks called Nanoblocks. My kit was this koala bear. 

I LOVE teeny tiny things, especially toys. I used to have a teeny tiny train,and a set of teeny tiny building blocks, but alas, someone took them.

These are great fun! Amazon has pages and pages of the sets.

January 1st -

Sitting in the back room, watching a couple huge buck lounging in the falling snow in the back yard, clearly feeling safe and content.

January 2nd-

Sunny, bright and getting warmer - chickens get to trek back out to their normal house this afternoon. We may also trek out to the store.

Next Thursday is supposed to be a high of 49 degrees up here - spring, if only for a day or two.

January 2nd -


At least according to them- evil humans we are, we made them walk in the SNOW from the garage to their coop, in really nice sunny weather- but on SNOW!

Much flapping, much drama, much herding. The top picture is of a wing print of one hen who took flight upon being confronted with snow, only to land in - you guessed it - more snow!

But everyone is back to the big coop, back in their normal nightly places on the roosts. And the week is just going to keep getting warmer.

January 3rd-

We are deep in snow storms here- mountain driving is NOT advised; 285 is closed at Windy Point- multiple car accidents and a sheriff's deputy has been killed.

Parts of I 70 are closed on the plains. Driving and road conditions are bad all over the mountain area and even the Denver roads. 

If you must travel, go slow, stay safe, and when you get there, stay in for the night please!

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