Sunday, March 9, 2014

Snow, Sun, Snow, Sun - Welcome to Weather in March

This last week has been a round of sunny and warm, then snow, then sunny and warm and melt, then snow... repeat. This coming week seems like more of the same.  Now toss in travel time, and you get my past week.  But I'll tell the story mainly in pictures.

Work had me traveling through a bunch of mountain towns and staying overnight rather North of home.  I went through some new towns for me - or at least relatively new; I've not been up that way since the summer of 1983 and a lot has changed.  So I went through Empire, Berthoud Falls, Winter Park, Fraser, Tabernash and Granby.

While we were getting green sprouts here, North of here is still very snow covered.

This was Tuesday:

Went up in the very dark of the very early morning, so didn't see much until we were finished with work.

An old church in Granby

A "lean to" somewhere between Fraser and Tabernash.

Coming into Winter Park. Doesn't it look so inviting?
I did stop and turn back for this unique cabin in Tabernash.

Since we had two jobs in the area, the boss allowed us to stay overnight rather than brave Berthoud Pass yet again in the early morning hours. Good thing too, since Winter Park got another 6 inches that night - and so did the pass!  The 5 am  alarm plow woke us up, and as we ate breakfast, the snow started falling again. Sigh.

But then Yay! Around 10 am, the sun came in through the windows of the school, and the rest of the day was sunny and even warm!


Just a wee bit of snow up there still.

Leaving Winter Park.

I stopped at the top of Berthoud Pass to get some pictures - look at the snow blowing off the top.

Some unique buildings and some just good pictures from between Berthoud Falls and Empire.

House leaning on a house.

A still running private resort lodge near Empire.

And a sign of Spring - a running creek!

Peck House of Empire - in operation as a hotel and restaurant since it opened in the 1862.

And back home. Thursday is quiet; I have work but I also have a stomach bug.  Lucky me.
And Friday, it snows.

And Snows

And snows.  Literally all day.

But this is a spring snow - here's photos from 9 am:

 I clear only a small space in the chicken run - I know this is a spring snow.

Around noon, daughter goes out and builds a snowman.

Look behind the snowman - that's the road already.
At 3 pm:

The snowman isn't faring too well either:


9 am Sunday.

It's now evening, and thanks to a near 50 degree day, even more snow has melted, and poor snowman has lost his head.

Tuesday, we do it all again.

Happy Spring!

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