Sunday, March 30, 2014

If you Give a Moose a Muffin Day

Have you  ever seen those stories - If You Give a Moose a Muffin, A Pig a Pancake, A Mouse a Cookie, etc?  A series of "If's and "Thens".

Yesterday was like that - actually, it started Friday. If you go grocery shopping to use up all the coupons for free stuff and money off if you spend so much total, or on this thing (I got $95 of groceries for $34), you have to clean out the fridge.

So Saturday, I clean out the fridge.

If when cleaning out the fridge you find a partial onion that is actually growing, roots and all, you have to plant it to see what happens.

If you get out the pot and potting soil to plant the onion, you also need to get out more pots and huge bag of potting soil, because you really need to replant that aloe plant that has many babies in the same pot and is partially dying off.

If you get the aloe out of the pot on the kitchen floor, you're going to need to vacuum - cause dirt, everywhere!

If you vacuum, you have to vacuum several rooms at the same time.

If you repot the aloe, you need to move the bigger table over underneath the window to accommodate the new pots as well as the newly potted onion.

If you take the aloe that is not going to survive replanting out to the composter (too squishy to use for anything else), the chickens will come around you to see what you have, and you will help Husband get them back into their "fort".

If your house smells like fresh dirt, you stat planning other things you are going to plant and start looking at seeds.

See how it goes?

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