Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Work Trips: Views in South Park - Yep, It's a Real Place!

Since I live "close" - read that as an hour away, but closer than folks who live an hour away the other direction - I get to take pictures in the mountain schools near me.  This lends itself to a number of photo opportunities every year, usually on the trip back home, since the trip out tends to be done in the dark, especially the later in the year we get.

My first trip into South Park regions and beyond was in September, with returns in October.  That means snow is going to be in these pictures!

I had already posted a couple of antelope pictures, but here's the distance view of them.

Out near the horses

How you could actually see them from the highway.

At the same time, my work was doing a photo contest, so I headed up the road toward Jefferson Lake. I did not go all the way, but I did find a beaver dam!

Ice near the dam

I found some nice furry cows as well.

How about some snow covered mountain shots?

Since I was headed back toward home, I decided to drive through the town of Jefferson.  Jefferson is not very large; it is bisected by the highway, but is a very popular stop with tourists - it's got some of the best fudge around!

But first -this odd sculpture near town, made of an old cattle gate it looks like someone plowed into - possibly literally.  

You might be able to tell that the day was a bit windy.

I did not get a good shot of the town because of traffic.  Perhaps next year.

I continued on Tarryall Road out of Jefferson, to the Southwest, and made other discoveries. But that is a different post - this one is picture heavy as it is!

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