Monday, October 21, 2013

Snow, Sunshine and a Surprise

The night part of my trip was really very early morning; I had to drive a distance to get to today's job, so I started when it was still well dark.

Or was it?

You get away from city lights, town lights, and suddenly the moon brings everything into its own light.  If only my camera could have seen what my eyes saw, you would have some marvelous pictures in shades of deep blue, with the clouds and the snow highlighted in a blue white under the harvest moon. A beautiful sight for the trip out.

On the way back, I did get some lovely snow pictures, and even caught a glimpse of a few friends. Alas, my camera battery decided to die just as I was taking pictures of them, hiding in the horse pastures near the highway. (Another thing I saw today was a great number of hunters in blaze orange.) But I pass that way again on Wednesday; maybe I'll be lucky and get some more pictures of them.

With no further ado - a pictorial of my trip home today.

As always - these pictures are my work, my effort, my tromping about in the cold air, my driving across the state.  Please respect that and ASK if you would like to use any of these pictures for any purpose.

And here's the friends I saw!

A couple of other friends, who were feeling a little "tired".  Oh yes, pun intended!

Perfect day for photos!

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