Saturday, February 2, 2013

Household Experiment: Nesting Box Curtains Followup

The curtains went up, and for two days, the hens totally ignored the box that had the curtain on it, laying all their eggs in the open fronted box.

So after those first couple days, I tied back one side of the curtain strips while they were out in the yard to see if that would help. And it did. That very day, Baby got herself right in the box and laid an egg. So the next day, I let down a couple more strips, and then their normal in and out, they knocked the rest of the strips down.

The bonus part is that now BOTH boxes are being used to lay eggs in - and it seems to vary who uses which box.  So you can teach a chicken new tricks!

The feather pulling has decreased as well, but it looks like Poppy is still going to need a coat put on her to discourage her bully.

Ease of Doing- 9 - just took some fabric, nails, hammer and a few minutes.
Time Spent - 9 - quick and easy.
Overall Desired Results Achieved - 10!

This experiment was a success!

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