Monday, February 25, 2013

During The Storm

These snow pictures were taken in the morning, before we got the full brunt of the storm.  As of 6:15 pm, we had a snow depth of 19 inches - and it is still snowing.  Nope, that's not a chicken coop - that's our tank house for our well.

The snow got deep enough that around noon, we went out to shovel about 1/4 of the driveway so our daughter could park when she got home from work; the kicker was, she couldn't get up the hill!  Our car is still buried - something I don't look forward to in the morning.

About 45 minutes after we expected daughter to be home, she called - her car was stuck in the snow.  Apparently, she'd made a run at our road and almost got to the top of the hill when the car slid sideways across the road.  Well, she managed to get out of that, and went back to the main road to take another run at it.  In turning around, she got sucked into some of the deeper snow on the next road over; no matter what she did, the slope of the road and depth of the snow dragged her further in.  So I suited up and started the 1/4 mile walk down to the main road to see what I could do.

By the time I got to the main road, it was clear she'd just been pushed out and was headed up the main road toward me.  Apparently a neighbor who was home, and one who was passing by stopped to help push her out.  It took two tries, but she got out.  Instead of trying to barrel up our road again, she parked in the church lot at the bottom of the hill - also not plowed, so we'll have to dig her out tomorrow, but safe enough for the night.

The hike back up the hill was a LOT more vigorous than the walk down, let me tell you.  No one can say I didn't get a decent walk in today - nothing like a half mile walk in 25 degree weather and a foot of snow.

Back at the house, the dogs continued their need to go in and out, in and out, in order to play in the snow and eat as much as they could.

Knowing it was the right kind of day, I got chicken soup out of the freezer and started bread.  I made three loaves - plain bread, garlic bread, and cinnamon bread.  However, we ended up not having soup; daughter asked for chili instead, so a pot of homemade chili was whipped up and consumed for dinner.  We've not cut into the cinnamon bread yet, but the others sure looked good and tasted good too.

Of course, finicky girls they are, the chickens did NOT go outside at all today.  I made them some scrambled eggs when I made ours for breakfast, but oddly and unusually, they didn't hardly eat any.  Of course, I gave them the eggs right after they'd gotten a big scoop of oats, so that may have been it.  They didn't refrain from walking in them, however. And they ate their regular food, and devoured the lettuce I brought them later.  I guess the eggs just weren't green enough for their liking today.

And on the egg note - yesterday, I curtained the other nesting box, and today was rewarded with an egg in it! They must like the curtains after all.  And them clumsy me, I knock the egg on the edge of the nesting box as I bring it out.  But it didn't fully break.  I bring it inside, and show everyone how a chunk of shell is missing, but the membrane is thick and what do I do? I drop it again, on the floor. I have skills today for sure. But this egg? Still did not break fully.  I guess I don't need to worry about their calcium levels much.
The offending egg in question - you can see all the cracks, yet the insides are still inside. 

Chili, snow, shoveling, bread, some computer time, some Netflix and a bit of sewing and talking to our son on the phone was pretty much the day around here.

Happy snow day, all.

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