Saturday, November 3, 2012

Craft Fair Time

I must be a fool.

I like craft fairs; I like going to them, I like selling at them - except for the annoying bitches who insist they can make one just like that, or better, or want you to give over the pattern for free so they can make it at home.  Uh, no.

So, I have several things made, but I need to make more - I'm signed up for two craft fairs, and am signing up for yet another one. So, a list of things I must finish, and more I must make.

To Finish -

- Pots and pans embroidered dishtowels - I think there are three more to do.
- The worm in the apple toys - need to finish worms
- dolly bed purses - two to finish for a total of 6.
- sew up the vintage ornaments that are cut and ready to go
- wooden doll playsets
- wooden dolls

To Make -

- More towels
- fabric gift bags
- playset potholders
- playset goods
- playset pots and pans
-crocheted huts
-crocheted trees
-play rayguns
-jump ropes
-angel ornaments
-vintage ornament wreathes
-chicken treats
-dog treats

I have until the first - I can do this!

Today's egg count - eight chickens, eight eggs - good thing I sent some home with dad last night!

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