Saturday, September 7, 2013

Updates on my Home Experiments

Sadly, the Tin Can garden failed.

The peas only gave me a few peas, and the tomatoes showed a great deal of promise, especially after transferring them outside, but then it started to rain daily - and basically drown my tomatoes!  The chickens happily ate the green tomatoes off the plants.  Even the garlic did not get very big.

The onions, however, thrived and were very strong tasting.  I will try again next year.

Using vinegar and baking soda while washing towels was a total win. It made the towels feel cleaner, made them brighter, helped partially kill some stains on the dish towels, and the smelled better.  Not something I would do every week, but maybe monthly or bi monthly.

Vinegar and lemon peel cleaner. Eh on effectiveness in cleaning, doesn't do beans for grease.  HOWEVER, the lemon peels preserved in the vinegar are GREAT for cleaning a stinky garbage disposal!  About mid June, we stopped using our dishwasher and were washing things by hand to help save on water. Well, the garbage disposal - also not often used - didn't like that and started to smell "green".  So I fished a lemon peel chunk out, tossed it in the disposal and ran it.  Clean smell, lemon smell!

Butter and canning were both successes, but I've talked about butter before, and I'll talk about canning in a "What I Did With My Summer" post in just a bit.

Sorry, but work has had me too busy to do anything but the canning and normal everyday stuff -and sometimes not even that.

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