Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Postcard Series: Bear Creek Canyon

I thought this would be a good way to start with the postcards, especially given my 30th high school reunion.

Bear Creek Canyon was the main way into the Evergreen area; it is the canyon the very first settler of the area came up, and it became the main thoroughfare long before the state highway was put in on the other side.  It's still a very popular road, running from Morrison, through Idledale, Kittredge, and finally Evergreen, where the creek comes over the dam as part of the lake. (The creek continues on the other side, running up into Clear Creek county - I will be honest and say I actually do not know were it starts.)

This canyon was used by most of us on our weekend forays into the Denver area; I remember many probably all too speedy trips up the canyon to meet my friend's curfew while still in high school -in those days, yes, we could make it up the canyon in 11 minutes - and often did.  Later, in college, we would come home in the early morning hours on Sunday, after having spent most of the weekend in the Denver area, usually on no sleep.  My friend Chuck and Moody Blues were accompanied me most.

Today, I still drive it on occasion for a change of scenery. It's no longer close to where I live, but it is still beautiful.

So these cards are views of this popular and still used canyon.  The truly lovely thing is most of the views seen in these postcards still exist - the canyon is mainly unchanged.

Here they are, in order of date when I could decipher it.  I did NOT put them in order of from Morrison to Evergreen - I could, but not feeling retentive enough tonight!

late 1800s

postmarked `1910

postmarked 1951

postmarked 1956

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