Wednesday, June 19, 2013

A View of a Summer Morning

The morning starts with a dog.  A pretty black dog with a low pitched whine, next to my ear.  So I get up and let the dog out, realizing the air is cool outside, but not as cool as the last several days.

Inside the house it is cold - the product of windows left open all night and very good insulation, but it makes the day hard to start.  And start some point it must.  A quick jaunt online brings the news that a bill you thought was due I'd already paid in advance without realizing it.

But today is trash day, so time to gather and get it outside.  Carrying the trash to the end of the drive, the day starts to wake me up.  Already the heat of the day is coming; the sun is beating down, making me realize that a change of clothes will be needed for any time spent outside today.

The air is sweet today - the scent of pine pollen is in the air, different than the scent of warm pine sap, different than the smell of a freshly cut tree.  The evidence of it is everywhere - cars red, blue and today, gold.  The smell of sage is everywhere as well, blending with the scents of the trees and the pollen and air washed clean by the past few days of rainstorms.   Buttercups glow a brilliant yellow in the middle of the yard.

A couple acres away is the song of the announcing chicken; amazing how clearly I can hear this girl telling of f a new egg, or how someone bugged her in the nesting box, or just the cry of pat attention to me.  I know my girls can hear it too; when the neighbor chickens announce, mine are all silent.  I wonder if it works the other way around?

I pass the pot of garlic, noting it is growing rapidly and check my tomato plants with their teeny tiny tomatoes.  It reminds me to check the level of the holding tank for the well and get the bags of frozen tomatoes out of the freezer.  Today is pizza sauce and jelly making day. So out on the table the tomatoes are thawing in the sun, the dogs are barking at every little noise, since it is one of those clear quiet days where all noises echo.

A large pot of white chicken chili has been removed from the fridge, waiting for me to put it in bags for the freezer so that I can use my large pot for the doings of the day.  A stack of towels await hemming.  The clean dishes seem to want to be put away. Sorting of household goods needs doing;p my son will marry soon and things of ours will be passed to their household.

But for the moment, I will enjoy the day.  In a few short weeks, I will be back to my job, and these moments of just sitting still will be few and far between for several months.

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