Sunday, March 10, 2013

How Snow Works Here- a Pictoral Review

Once again,  the forecast said snow. So this time, I took some before and after pics.  It snowed all day Saturday, and this is what Sunday morning looked like.

Part of Front Yard before the snow

Front Yard after the snow - not so much here, thanks to the trees.

Side yard, before the snow

Side yard, after the snow

The path I shoveled at 1 am so daughter could get out for her bakery job. 
Sadly, she had to hike down the hill to her car - the church parking lot is our friend this year.

A shoveling assistant as we try to clear the driveway.

Protecting us from rogue squirrels

Helping shovel is tiring work for an old dog.

The view to the East from the middle of road in front of our house.

The view to the west from the road in front of our house. 
You may not be able to tell, but that's a heck of a hill in the snow.

And soon after we shoveled, our neighbor came out and plowed the road.  The sun, the slightly warmer day - now the road and driveway are pretty much down to the dirt again!

Colorado snow - comes in fast, leaves again just as fast.  That's ok - I'm ready for spring.

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