Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Restart

Somewhere along the way, my good intentions were overrun by my need to create many items for craft fairs and for Christmas.  I never actually managed to get back to the blog.  But now, it is almost a new year.  This year is going to bring many changes, and goals, and things I must do for our continued survival here.

I'm planning a side page with all sorts of links to things to do to make life easier, things with good info, and occasionally things I put there so I can find them myself later on!

I'm also going to be keeping a list of all the things I make this year - with the goal of actually managing to take pictures of all of them before I send them away.

Some of you may be missing the egg count.  We did start writing them on the calendar in the kitchen; I'll give you a total count for November and December, and then back to the daily head count.  I will say, with the cold and shorter days, the girl's production is down.  And we lost one of our flock to the lovely black fox that had just moved into the neighborhood.  It is inevitable, when you free range.  However, they've been free ranging in the dog run ever since - it's amusing to have them walk through the basement and out the back door from the garage - they're still getting the hang of it.

So, back into it, and more to come for the upcoming year!  Hope you will take this ride of changes with us.

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